Privacy policy

By accessing and using the website, you declare your explicit consent to the applicable terms and conditions as stated below. 


Indetex SA uses data according to the privacy legislation (Law on the Processing of Personal Information of 08/12/1992). This website only collects personal data that is explicitly and voluntarily entered by the users.

Indetex SA ensures that the data stored is adequately secured.

Any disputes that may arise from or with regard to this privacy policy will be definitively settled by the courts of the legal district of Mouscron. In the event of disputes, you may also file a written complaint. The details you need to do so can be found on this website.

Changes to the privacy policy

Indetex SA may amend, supplement or adjust the privacy policy at any time.

The use of cookies

Indetex SA makes use of functional cookies to optimise the functioning of certain pages of the website. Indetex  also makes use of marketing cookies so that it can make the communication on its website more personal and attune it better to the wishes of the individual user. Finally, Indetex  makes use of analytical cookies. These do not record the browsing behaviour of the individual user, but do turn the behaviour of large numbers of visitors into graphs and patterns that help to improve and optimise our website.

Find out more information about this in our Cookie Statement below.

Providing data to third parties

Data provided by the user to Indetex  will never be passed on to third parties.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • When a court order is enacted to provide information.
  • When registering a domain name, certain data has to be passed on to the registering body in question.

Changes to customer data

The user has the opportunity to change data they have provided in the past at any time.

Website content

All the information on this website is intended exclusively for informative purposes. Indetex  makes every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. Indetex cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from incorrect or incomplete information. Indetex reserves the right to make changes and corrections at any time or to remove information.

Links to other websites

Indetex  is not responsible for the content of websites linked to from the Indetex SA website. Users declare that they are aware that the privacy conditions of other websites may differ from those of the Indetex site.

Privacy conditions


This website is the property of Indetex SA, Rue Mont Gallois 58, 7700 Mouscron, company registration number 0417.676.555.

Intellectual property rights

The contents of the Indetex website, including the trademarks, logos, designs, data, product names, company names, texts, images etc., are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to Indetex SA or the third parties who own these rights.

Cookie policy


The following definitions apply in this cookie statement:

‘Indetex’: Indetex SA, Rue de Mont Gallois 58, 7700 Mouscron 

‘User’: any natural or legal person that is in or enters into a contractual relationship of any nature with Indetex through its online platform.

‘Law’: Art. 129 of the Law on Electronic Communication, as amended by Law 2012-07-10/04, Art. 90, 017; (date of effect: 04-08-2012).


A cookie is a small file containing text or numbers that is saved on the user’s computer to store preferences and other information that is used on the web pages visited.

These cookies ensure, firstly, that the use of our website is easier for the visitor, and secondly they allow us to generate statistics based on certain information. This makes it possible for Indetex to continue improving this website.

Types of cookies

Google Analytics

  • _gat only reduces the number of requests to Google Analytics. The storage period is 1 minute.
  • _ga cookie is to distinguish users. The retention period is 2 years.
  • _gid cookie is to distinguish users. The storage period is 1 day.

Your right to access data and opposition

According to the law, the user is entitled to a copy of the personal data that Indetex stores about that user, including the information collected by cookies. Questions or requests can be addressed to

As soon as the user visits the website of Indetex, it gives permission to place such cookies on the system. This can be changed by adjusting the browser settings and setting cookies to be refused:

  • Surfing in incognito mode
  • Enable “Do not follow” in the browser
  • Use a tool to block Google Analytics, more info on
  • Via specific settings of the browser, more info can be found in the help menu of the browser