Indiano : sense of visual texture

The Indiano creates a visual interesting look by a subtle herringbone pattern. Woven of 100% polyester fireproof yarn, this DIMOUT project fabric will retain its attractive design for a long time. The Indiano-collection is available in 34 bi-tone colors.

Subtle herringbone is a beautiful pattern to incorporate into a space that needs a little extra punch. The Indiano-collection has that subtle design due to the two polyester materials, woven in non-equilateral twill weave. The result of this weaving technique is a rich bi-tone herringbone effect. You’ll use this kind of fabric in spaces that needs a subtle sense of visual “texture”, in both public and private places.

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In terms of technical properties this collection has a lot to offer. 

  • Product Type Dimout
  • Design Type herringbone bi-tone twill weave
  • Composition 100 % polyester FR
  • Width 147 cm
  • Net weight (g/m²) 335
  • Number of variants in colors 34
  • Flame Retardancy M1 (test report/certificate is available)
  • Sound absorption Class A (test report/certificate is available)
  • Washable 60° with Wash resistance (ISO 105 C06) 3 - 4
  • Martindale (ISO 12947-2) 50.000
  • Dimensional Stability in % 1 - 2
  • Light resistance (ISO 105 B02) 4 – 5
  • Warranty on the fabric 10 year

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This new Indiano collection has an exceptionally good price/quality ratio + “visal texture”-design + excellent technical properties = versatile fabric !

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