I’m Contractor

To help you, building contractor, we believe at Indetex that textiles need to do much more than just look nice! That’s why Indetex developed a range of technical functions that help you to make day-to-day work of your clients easier, more comfortable and ensure a more pleasant indoor climate.

Besparend As contractor you know that quality and price plays a huge role in your day-by-day work. When selecting textiles, therefore, you should not make any compromises when it comes to use high-quality products at affordable prices. All our fabrics are designed and manufactured under strict quality requirements and are purchased in such quantities that the prices are very competitive.


  • Because of our high-quality standards you are sure to use very reliable fabrics
  • You know that you paid a very fair and affordable price for the purchased fabrics so that you don't exceed the budget
  • Using FRCertified fabrics gives you the certainty to work with fabrics that complies with all national and international quality and safety standards
  • You work with a major FR-brand in your public or commercial property

Brandwerend Building contractors knows that the use of certified products gives security. FRCertified fabrics are certified fire retardant in most European standards. In addition, most fabrics are also certified acoustic. Finally, our textile materials subjected to insulation tests and wash testing.


  • Because of the inherently flame-retardant polyester fibres you are sure to buy a very fire-safe fabric
  • By using our FRCertified textiles in your building you reduce noise intensity thanks to special fabric construction in the way of sound insulation and sound absorption
  • By using our FRCertified textiles you help stabilize the temperature in a given space
  • You increase the comfort of the future inhabitants.

Garantie Contractors are very aware that they should look particularly for high product warranties. FRCertified fabrics are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years!


  • By using our FRCertified textiles in your building you are sure of the product quality for a minimum period of 10 years

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