Acoustic and Thermal Benefits

Acoustic Fabrics

Adding several fine layers of FRCertified fabric enables an additional 20% sound absorption.

Thermal fabrics (summer)

6°C temperature reduction during summertime

Thermal fabrics (WINTER)

45% additional energy saving during wintertime

Type of Fabrics


Dim-outs are 100% woven fabric using black yarns in the weft. With this special technique, one can dim and reduce the light. The incoming light level will depend on the colour of the fabric. A darker colour will provide greater light reduction then lighter colours.


Blackout fabrics are acryl coated. With blackouts one can obtain 100% blackout efficiency


Fabrics are woven products created with one of three basic weaves. Fabrics allows for light to pass through.These kind of fabrics are perfect to have full privacy in the evening. The method in which these threads are inter woven affects the characteristics of the fabric.


Sheers are made by using thin thread and/or low density of knit and which results in a transparent and flimsy cloth. A common use for sheer fabric is in curtains, which allows for sunlight to pass through during daylight, while maintaining a level of privacy.


FRCertified sunprotection fabrics with their aluminium fibre protect against cold, heat and glare all in one. This attractive fabrics protects your windows from excess sunshine in summer and heat loss in winter. FRCertified optimises energy efficiency for all seasons.