FRCertified curtains ,The Brand for Fire Retardant Fabrics ,are developed for decorating hotelrooms into a beautiful place whether its a plain fabric or a printed design! Each environment asks its own specifications on the fabric. When you are viewing this website, you will discover a wide variety of tissues , each with its own benefits. FRCertified gives you a good guideline when working with interior textiles . We help you choose the right fabric for the right place.


FRCertified brings a full selection of economically priced curtains for hospitals. You will find a wide variety of colours, patterns and plain fabrics for all your wishes. We can assist you in the search for the optimal solution to fit your facility's needs. With FRCertified you create the perfect home healing environment.

Retirement and Nursing Homes

FRCertified fabrics are highly durable for healthcare environments that demand the best. The fabrics has an easy care and maintenance label. FRCertified fabrics can realise important energy savings in winter or block heat entrance in summer. These benefits in combination with the decoration values turns every healthcare environment into a pleasant and beautiful place to stay.

Nautical and Maritime

FRCertified fabrics are perfectly developed for use on boats. The technical and aesthetic features make FRCertified a popular choice in the boating industry.

Class- and Conference Rooms

The Fire Retardant curtains of FRCertified are the perfect solution to darken a classroom and conference room. The thermal and soundabsorption benefits of the FRCertified fabrics makes the room a pleasant environment for students and business people!